FuelBoost 220

fuel_boostAutomatic Fuel Pump Controller





The FuelBoost 220 fuel pump controller works with a low cost electric in-line fuel pump to automatically prime your vintage vehicle’s fuel system. When you turn on the ignition, the electric fuel pump fills the carburetor bowl in just a few seconds. Then when you crank the engine, it’s ready to start instantly—no more long cranking times that wear on your starter, flywheel, and electrical system. The electric fuel pump will run for up to 25 seconds, and it stops automatically as soon as the engine starts, allowing your stock mechanical fuel pump to take over. After you shut the ignition off, the electric fuel pump is locked out for 6 hours (because if you re-start the engine within 6 hours, the fuel system is probably already primed for a fast re-start). But if you do need another fuel boost, you can override the 6 hour lockout at any time by switching the ignition off and on 3 times in 3 seconds.

classicThis meticulously restored 1965 Mustang inspired the development of the FuelBoost 220. The car’s longtime owner approached Dixie MicroSystems seeking a solution to the car’s chronic hard starting issue. Its owner told us that the car had always been plagued with annoyingly long (and if someone was witnessing the event, embarrassingly long) crank times. Whenever he wanted to take the car out for a drive, he first had crank the engine for what seemed like an eternity before its carburetor was fully primed with fuel and thus able to start and run. No amount of carburetor or fuel pump rebuilding/replacing had ever really helped. He came to Dixie MicroSystems for a solution, and we designed an automatic controller for an electrically operated fuel primer pump. The ultimate outcome of this development project was a product that is so transformative that we have decided to make it available to all classic car owners. The FuelBoost 220 may well be the best money you will ever spend on your carbureted vintage car.
If your vintage car has a carburetor and a mechanical fuel pump, your car can benefit from the instant starting action provided by the FuelBoost 220 automatic fuel pump controller.
The FuelBoost 220 is unlike anything on the market, and it is available only from Dixie MicroSystems. Get yours today!

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